Businessman on a quest to roll out IT solutions across Africa

JOHANNESBURG – An intrepid  businessman is on a quest to roll out information technology solutions across Africa through a strategic partnership agreement signed with a global software giant.

TechSoft International chief executive Sicelo Xulu says his historic agreement with TIBCO Software would allow the group exclusive rights to distribute its programmes in sub-Saharan Africa.

Xulu says they want TechSoft to take advantage of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to help attract new clients in the SADC region, especially in the energy, hospitality, and airline industries.

“Our business is in the business of accelerating other businesses,” says Xulu.

“We want to promote and increase our channel partners network and understand the region better.” 

Xulu, who previously held a senior management position at power utility Eskom, says competition is the least of his worries. TechSoft is headquartered in Africa’s richest square of Sandton in Johannesburg.

CWpTS 7 reduced - Businessman on a quest to roll out IT solutions across Africa
Businessman Sicelo Xulu is chief executive of software company TechSoft in Sandton in Johannesburg. Image: Supplied.

“We want to gain market share. We have lots of advantages,” he says, explaining that because TIBCO is a world leader in the space it is operating in is but one of the advantages.

“We offer a professional service and another of the advantages is that when we deal with South African companies we quote them at rand rate, and international clients at the dollar rate,” says Xulu, who was chairperson of the 2010 Soccer World Cup Gauteng Regional Electricity Task Team.

The businessman, who has completed the Accelerated Directorship Programme with Institute of Directors Southern Africa (IoDSA) and is now an IoDSA certified director, says he decided to embark on business for personal growth.

“I thought it’s time that I ventured out into the private sector,” he says.

“I have been involved in the business space and I am quite passionate about improving businesses and seeing them prosper, especially back businesses, given the economic challenges that we have.”

Businesses, says Xulu, will help to reignite the battered the economy and help create much-needed jobs. The economy is currently battling a 27.7 percent unemployment rate.

“TIBCO realises the need to future-proof the business in line with the demands of the South African economy,” says Xulu, the former Joburg City Power managing director.

“Being a Level 1 B-BBEE business offers our South African customers unrivalled benefits from an international brand such as ours. It also provides us and our channel partners new momentum to accelerate our competitive edge.”

The entrepreneur says TechSoft will play a leading role in integration, application programming interfaces management, advanced analytics, messaging and event processing, low-code apps and process management, data visualisation, and data management. 

Xulu, who obtained his master’s degree in electrical and electronics engineering from the University of Johannesburg in 2014, says the will solidify TIBCO’s ongoing participation on TechSoft’s board.

He says TechSoft will retain all TIBCO South Africa employees and premises.

“We essentially continue operations uninterrupted, so it’s business as usual in that respect,” says Xulu.

“However, we’ve also improved the business in a number of ways to the benefits of customers, partners, and employees.”

Xulu, who is a former board director of the South African National Energy Association and a part time South African Institute of Electrical Engineers chief executive says TechSoft has created a Professional Services Group that will provide first-tier support for customers.

He says clients will still have access to TIBCO’s best practices.

“Our employees benefit by us providing an improved customer experience by aligning with customer needs and continuing to provide them the best solutions from around the world, enhanced by local support,” he explains.

“This is an effective solution for an international powerhouse, such as TIBCO, to maintain the dependability and trust its reputation encompasses while empowering the local team to pivot quickly in response to local needs.”

Businessman Sicelo Xulu is chief executive of software company TechSoft in Sandton in Johannesburg.



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