Is this the last Newsletter?

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by Steuart Pennington

For 16 years with the support of FNB has published daily – a Latest News story; and weekly – a Newsletter; a Blog; an SA Hero story; a Fast Fact; a Corporate Good Deed; an NGO Good Deed and an FNB advisory.

  • That’s 4000 daily news stories, always positive, factual and uplifting
  • That’s 800 newsletters, always original, giving facts and opinion that generally don’t appear in the commercial media
  • That’s 800 blogs, authored by passionate South Africans who are making a profound contribution to our progress as a nation
  • That’s 800 SA Hero stories, profiling South Africans who seek no glory, but who work tirelessly to make a difference to those less fortunate.
  • That’s 800 Fast Facts that give life to the statement “everyone entitled to their own opinion but no-one to their own facts”
  • That’s 1600 corporate and NGO “good deeds” that give testimony to South Africa’s reputation as a caring and giving society
  • That’s a multitude of FNB advisories that exemplify their “How can we help you?” positioning statement.

I am still in discussions with potential sponsors and hope at least that I will find the wherewithal to keep the website going with weekly updates. We will have to stop the email subscription service and possibly our Facebook page.

I shall keep you posted…………

My heartfelt thanks:

To our 13 000 subscribers; 35000 users in 180 countries; 10’s of 1000’s of Facebook followers; and our many contributors – your support has been unwavering.

To the 75 000 purchasers of the 10 books we published – I hope you enjoyed the read.

To FNB for your support these 16 years, I have so enjoyed promoting a balanced and informed narrative during these difficult and turbulent times as our democracy throws off adolescence and enters early adulthood.

To our service providers Webdoor and Socialmediaconsultancy – it’s been onehellavaride!

To our many staff over the years (I think particularly of Ian Macdonald) – your contribution made for our success.


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