IG account throws shade at awkward family texts

Texting can get really awkward at the best of times. Sometimes messages can get lost in translation, then there’s that annoying auto-correct feature.

The end result is never quite as you originally intended. And now one Instagram account, @yourshittyfamily, has gone and collated some of the most cringe-worthy texts shared between family members. 

The upshot is a collection of drunk and uncomfortable exchanges that many can relate to – it’s no wonder the account has managed to gain over 1 million followers.

The account holder is suspected to be author Elan Gale, executive producer of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. Gale is a social media provocateur who managed to amass over 6 million followers over his social media accounts – @yourshittyfamily is one.

What he’s done is condensed text exchanges into a collection of books – Unspirational Texts from Your Ex, Tinder Nightmares and most the recent, Your Shitty Family. An ingenious move on his part for tying in the account with the book’s release and monetising it.

If you think you can compete with the best of these posts, send your contender for Your Shitty Family to submitfamilytexts@gmail.com. In the meantime, be prepared to cringe or laugh out loud at the following.

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108031680 - IG account throws shade at awkward family texts

Too much info

108031318 - IG account throws shade at awkward family texts

Reliving a traumatised childhood
108031681 - IG account throws shade at awkward family texts

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