Red carpet hits and misses at #SONA2019

Last night, the Parliament’s red carpet was rolled out for members of parliament who attended the State of the National Address which was delivered by president Cyril Ramaphosa and as expected, MP’s didn’t miss the opportunity to show off their fashion sense. 

Unlike the previous years, many seem to have gotten the memo right. We’re impressed by the effort our politicians put into looking their best, especially Gwede Mantashe, who for the first time, wore a suit that actually fitted him. 

Gwede is known for wearing baggy, badly-fitting suits that are almost the size of a parachute, however, last night, he looked very presentable. Shout out to the person who styled him. 

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Gwede Mantashe in a well-fitted suit. Picture: Twitter. 

However, we do have the likes of Vatiswa Bam-Mugwanya who got lost along the way. We appreciate her effort of trying to look cool in traditional gear and stylish sunglasses but the combos weren’t communicating at all! 

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ANC MP Vatiswa Bam-Mugwanya. Picture: Twitter. 

Here are more hits and miss that we spotted on the red carpet. 


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SAPS Minister, Bheki Cele never disappoints.  Picture: Twitter. 


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Gwen Ngwenya claims the dress was made by her mother. Mommy must’ve meant well but this dress just doesn’t cut it. Picture: Twitter. 


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House Chairperson, Thoko Didiza looked fitting in traditional garb. Picture: Twitter. 

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Did Mosiuoa Lekota borrow one of Mantsashe’s old suits? Picture: Twitter.


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DA MP, Terri Stander looked dashing in a yellow train dress. Picture: Twitter. 


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