8 celebs share their Valentine’s Day plans

Depending on your relationship status, Valentine’s Day is either that one day of the year you plan weeks in advance or avoid like your annual trip to the dentist.

If your plans are still up in the air, why not take some inspiration from some of these celebs as they share their ideas for the day of love.

Callen Petersen and Jody Abel from the band, Acoustic Element

“Valentine’s Day this year will be spent like every other Valentine’s Day since 2010 – being each other’s Valentine, doing a gig and igniting other people’s flames and feels through our music. We are also both single this year, so if anyone wants to join us for a drink, holla!”

108129255 - 8 celebs share their Valentine's Day plans

Aqeelah Harron Ally, fashion and beauty blogger

“My husband and I aren’t big on Valentine’s Day, but we do tend to celebrate it, just in a chilled way. We don’t have set plans, but they usually involve some sushi, and he always gets me red roses and chocolate while I get him a nice plant.”

Carl Wastie, radio presenter

“Valentine’s Day in the traditional sense is all about love between two people, but this year I plan to do what I love and allow Cupid’s arrow to strike my passions like a good old braai and some incredible radio content on KFM 94.5 because I still have to work on that special day.”

108129247 - 8 celebs share their Valentine's Day plans

Cato Louw, rugby presenter and sports anchor

“This year we have decided to go outside and do something active. We have always wanted to do stand-up paddle boarding, so that is what we will tackle for this year’s Valentine’s Day. We’ll probably have some champagne afterwards as well.”

108129244 - 8 celebs share their Valentine's Day plans

Lindy Lehto, radio presenter

“My husband, Peter, and I both love cooking; it’s quality time spent together and we get to experiment with different flavours. Some of our favourite memories are being in the kitchen, laughing and sharing a good bottle of wine, and that will likely be what we will be doing this year.”

108129248 - 8 celebs share their Valentine's Day plans

Sechaba Gqeba, TV presenter and MC

“I’ve been home getting to know baby since giving birth, so I’ll probably do dinner with my husband. He usually plans our Valentine’s Day.”

108129249 - 8 celebs share their Valentine's Day plans

Zoë Brown, Expresso Show TV presenter

“This year, myself and my friends have decided we’re going to rent a limo to take us to dinner and then we’re going to find a dance floor and have a little razzle dazzle afterwards!”

108129246 - 8 celebs share their Valentine's Day plans

Leigh-Anne Williams, TV and radio presenter

“Self-care has become a big focus for me since 2018. This year, I’ve taken it a little bit more serious by really just showing love to myself. So this Valentine’s Day, I have a spa day planned for me and some of my best friends (girls and guys), which will be followed by dinner, and hopefully, taking with our dancing shoes to party it up later.”

108129245 - 8 celebs share their Valentine's Day plans

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