What to get your vegan #Valentine2019

This Valentine’s Day one of the most burgeoning markets is bound to be the vegan one.

Many millennials are vegan – choosing not to consume animal or animal by products as a way of life and opting not to make purchases that harm animals either.

What this means is that taking your crush for a milkshake or steak dinner is out of the question unless that milkshake is dairy-free and that’s a cauliflower steak.

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Picture a traditional image of a Valentine’s Day date and know it’s most likely not going to fly with a vegan.
The same applies to gifts.
A leather wallet for a guy and regular chocolates for a girl just wont do.
Leather, even the synthetic variety, isn’t always sustainable and the same goes for chocolate.
Vegan is a belief system, built on empathy and compassion for all, and it’s fast changing the world. So this Valentine’s Day, even if your loved one isn’t vegan, it’s worth making an effort to consider where that gift or dinner actually comes from. 


1. Rather give an indoor plant than flowers. It will last longer.

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2. If you must do chocolate ensure its vegan – dairy free – and everything from the cocoa to the wrapping is sustainable. Note if you are adulting, vegan wine would be even better.

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