Bacardi takes it back to the bar

The people behind some of your favourite spirits have rolled up their sleeves, put down their office stationery and gone Back To The Bar to find out what’s trendy and what isn’t

On February 7th, Bacardi employees from around the globe will turned on their “out of office” and went to their nearest bar.

It’s a simple exercise that started last yea and coincides with the company’s Founder’s Day, commemorating the 157th anniversary of family-owned Bacardi.

More than 7,000 Bacardi employees across 130 global cities visited a bar during a sixteen-hour period. I went with them and rediscovered the magic of a rum cocktail, because that’s what the initiative is all about. I was reminded that I actually like the sharpness of a spirit in my cocktails.

CEO of Bacardi Limited, Mahesh Madhavan says: “For Bacardi people, visiting bars is often more work than play as we do on-the-ground research and put ourselves in the role of salespeople and social media influencers.”

Bacardi CubaLibre11 - Bacardi takes it back to the bar
A Bacardi Cuba Libre. Picture by Michael Haskins Photography.

It’s a simple way for a spirit company to stay in touch with the trends, you not going to know what’s happening at the bar if you’re sitting in an office staring at a spreadsheet.

From trends like “drink less but better” to “instagrammable handcrafted cocktails” to “no/low is the new go-to,” “Back to the Bar” will shine a light on important trends in a drinks business that continues to flourish, with Millennials – dubbed the “shaken and stirred” generation – at the forefront of a new golden age of cocktails.

“The cocktail revolution continues as more people from more places drink more varieties of spirits than ever before, and bars and bartenders are on the frontlines,” said Jacob Briars, Bacardi’s Global Advocacy Director. 

“In addition to spending time with consumers, “Back to the Bar” is a chance for us to thank the bars and restaurants who support us and the world’s best bartenders, who are truly on the cutting edge of what’s new and next in our business.”

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