Zinhle Khumalo launches season 3 collection

What started as a business of selling headwraps in 2016 has become a fully fledged clothing brand, HazelbirdL’styl. F ormer journalist turned lifestyle entrepreneur, Zinhle Khumalo has announced her third HazelbirdL’styl  collection. 

Khumalo says this third collection is closest to her heart as it pays tribute to her late aunt, Khethi Khumalo. 
"Some  of the pieces like the floral and polka dots shirts are named after her. My designs  capsule pieces for the young women in corporate , creative industry and even the lady at  home who enjoy attending social markets and travelling ,"  says Khumalo. 

322157710S6A2806 - Zinhle Khumalo launches season 3 collection

A HazelbirdL’styl blazer. Picture: SameView Pictures. 

Khumalo started the brand as a way to celebrate young women in Africa who want  a sophisticated and affordable luxury. Her Alpha pants and Celia Kimonos are currently the best  sellers and sought after. 
Celebrities like Zodwa waBantu have graced the cover of DRUM magazine wearing a Celia Kimono. 

SABC  1’s Live Amp host DJ Lamiez Holworthy also has worn HazelbirdL’styl numerous times on  her show.

323762910S6A38251 - Zinhle Khumalo launches season 3 collection

A HazelbirdL’styl sophisticated look. Picture: SameView Pictures. 

The second and third season collections which have washing instructions in both English  and isiZulu, are currently available at Fashion Kraal in Joburg, The Box Shop in  Soweto and Midrand

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