Security guard finds the write job

Cape Town – One man’s dream and determination has turned him from a security guard into an author in less than a year.

Thando Pere, 27, originally from Tsolo in Nkalweni in the Eastern Cape, moved permanently to Site C in Khayelitsha in 2014 and says he made it his mission to find his talent.

“When I moved to Cape Town, I worked at Shoprite and still felt something lacking,” he says.

“I then went on a mission to find my God-given talent. I found I loved writing.

“I have always loved writing and I think I was born for this.”

Thando has published two books already, one in English and the other in isiXhosa.

The English book is titled I Trusted You But I Was Blind and was launched on Friday.

The isiXhosa book, titled Umntu Ngumalala Ephenduka!, came out in September last year.

The English story is about a woman who falls in love with a man, only for him to deceive her.

But she forgives him and they try to mend their broken romance.

“My books are very relevant about what is happening around us now at present,” he says.

“The books are about love, greed, betrayal, corruption and how spouses can reconcile.”

He says the books are published by Nozuko Mbana from Mbana Designs and Printing.

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ON THE WRITE PATH: Author Thando Pere of Khayelitsha. Picture: Supplied

Thando, who is single, is now working as a security supervisor at Xone Securities in Airport Industria, and says although he worked 12-hour shifts while writing his books, he persevered.

“I started as a normal security guard at the gate, but with hard work I am now a security controller.

“I worked 12-hour shifts, I came home, and I wrote most nights until after 1am only to get up at 4am and then get ready for work.

“It took me exactly a year to finish the English book. It’s not easy but if you know you’re striving for something, nothing should stand in your way,” he says.

Work colleagues and residents in the area have purchased his books, but Thando hopes to have his work showcased in bookshops.

“I sold about 100 books so far in the township and at work. These people have supported me a lot. I hope to have my book on every shelf across the country and the world,” he says.

He also has some words of inspiration for others: “Focus on your God-given talents. Stop blaming your parents and your circumstances. Just hustle.”

If you’d like to purchase Thando’s books, contact him on 071 010 9303.


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