Somizi clears the air on Trevor Noah diss: ‘It wasn’t me’

A Facebook post thought to be by Somizi Mhlongo, in which he disses Trevor Noah, has social media in an uproar. But the flamboyant TV star was quick to point out via Instagram that it was not a legitimate post.

His proper Facebook account is under the name Somizi Buyani, while the fake post was made under the name Somiza’Somgaga Mlongo.

The Facebook post features a picture of Somizi with the caption: "I’m Tired of pretending, Trevor Noah is not Funny. (sic)"

somizi 1 - Somizi clears the air on Trevor Noah diss: 'It wasn't me'

In response to the diss at The Daily Show host, Trevor’s fans lashed out, defending the US-based comedian.

N’shimba Tshitende Rene clapped back at Somizi: "And we are tired of pretending you are not a woman."

However, Somizi hit back, saying: "Hello Everyone, Just to make your aware, there’s a fake account on Facebook and Instagram using my name.

"I only have one account on Facebook (Somizi Buyani) and Instagram (Somizi), I’ve tried everything to stop them with no success. Please unfollow them or block them."

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Fortunately, some fans came to his rescue.

Masego_ford wrote: "The Facebook account is disgusting and I hope your fans know that it’s fake @somizi . I had to unfollow it."

Matselana_modutwane added: "We’ve seen it and we could just tell it’s not you Somgaga. It’s easy to tell when someone is trying to destroy another person’s reputation."

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