Nasa unveils daily Mars weather report

Los Angeles –  Anyone can now check the weather on the red planet with a few clicks thanks to a new tool unveiled by Nasa yesterday.

The space agency’s rover InSight is providing daily weather reports, which are then posted online, Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory said.

On Sunday, the highest temperature on Mars was a brisk -17ºC and the lowest reached a frigid -95ºC.

“It gives you a sense of visiting an alien place,” said Don Banfield of Cornell University, in New York’s Ithaca, who leads InSight’s weather science department. “Mars has familiar atmospheric phenomena that are still quite different than those on Earth.”

The Nasa spacecraft landed on Mars in November, becoming the first probe from the US civilian space programme to land on the red planet in six years.

1604520462 - Nasa unveils daily Mars weather report
This artist concept shows NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover, a mobile robot for investigating Mars’ past or present ability to sustain microbial life. Curiosity is being tested in preparation for launch in late 2011. In this picture, the rover examines a rock on Mars with a set of tools at the end of the rover’s arm, which extends about 2 meters (7 feet). Two instruments on the arm can study rocks up close. Also, a drill can collect sample material from inside of rocks and a scoop can pick up samples of soil. The arm can sieve the samples and deliver fine powder to instruments inside the rover for thorough analysis. REUTERS/ NASA/JPL-Caltech/Handou

–  dpa African News Agency (ANA).


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