Opinion: Why we are over gin

For a long time, gin had a bad reputation, it just wasn’t cool, especially for us young people.

But now it has gone from being an old man’s drink to being a “trendy” millennial’s tipple of choice.  

I remember one of my uncle used to love Gordon’s and I never imagined that today I’ll also be a fan of the much-loved spirit. It just suddenly blew up becoming more of a millennial drink which was something we never imagined it to be. 

It became trendy to an extent where we saw new bars dedicated entirely to the spirit and everyone, from entrepreneurs to celebrities, launching their own gin brands.

When the spirit blew up a few years ago I asked myself, what has sparked this? Why is everyone suddenly enjoying gin a lot more than they used to? 

After experiencing more of it, I found out that gin is one of the most versatile spirit to mix with, hence so many people love it. 

But I’d also like to think we can do the same and more with other spirits too. 

We have world class bartenders and experts all around the world who can bring new magic to any type of spirit available and they I feel we are currently missing out on all the versatility of the other spirits out there. What about whisky? What about rum? What about white port?

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Gin cocktail. Pexels

I love gin – I really do, but I fear we are quickly approaching “gin overload” and that needs to be looked at.

There’s a whole spirit world out there, and we should not limit ourselves. Let’s enjoy our gin and tonics but also remember we have got other options. 

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