The return of the milk man

Milk delivered in glass bottles is one of those trends that has returned and left many wondering, why did we do away with it in the first place?

Consumer habits changed is the answer. But it’s deeper than that.

Manufacturers and retailers put a greater emphasis on powdered milk and long-life milk in cartons because it made business sense. The extended expiry dates meant they could store dairy products for longer on shelves.

But consumer habits began taking a sharp turn. People began looking more closely at what they ate and drank, and the source of their food and beverages. The awareness of what plastic was also doing to the environment brought about a new wave going back to simpler times.

Milk championed every food trend. Vegans needed their own specialised milk and soy and almond milk became more sought after.

We also can’t deny how our increasingly health-conscious society wants to know the origin of what we are consuming, which has made the farm-to-table and organic food industries so popular.

But even if you have no specific dietary requirement, it’s hard to argue against the fact that milk in a glass bottle does taste fresher.

Obviously, it comes with the disadvantage of a shorter shelf life (or, in this case, fridge life) but if you’ve found the right supplier or delivery service then milk in glass bottles is the way to go.


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Farm 2 You

Farm 2 You

Farm 2 You is in the heart of the beautiful Midlands. The farm sells glass bottled milk and delivers directly to the public and through retailers and distributors.

Address: 15 Petrus Stroom Road, Howick, 3290.


Greenheart Organics

Greenheart Organics delivers to your door. They source, screen collect and courier from handpicked suppliers.

They supply farm unhomogenised premium cream farm milk for exchangeable empty glass bottles or for a once off purchase in Durban, Amanzimtoti, Pietermaritzburg, Howick and everywhere in between.

Address: Underwood Road, Pinetown, Durban

Telephone: 0842745817



Milky Way

Established 14 years ago by Deon Hendricks, Milky Way is a convenient way to get fresh milk delivered. They do nearly 500 deliveries a day.

Address: 27 Durham Avenue, Salt River


Phone: 0214482835

Doorstep Dairyman

This brother and sister team will have all your milk and dairy needs. Their service includes milk, cheese, yoghurt, milkshakes and even bacon delivery..


Telephone: 0647579142

108387801 - The return of the milk man

Think Organic

This team delivers all things organic, including 100% pasteurised goat’s milk culture.

Telephone: 0834236931


Irene Dairy Farm

Irene Farm has been producing and selling raw milk to the public for many years. Their deli is open from 8am to 6pm every day for fresh milk.

Address: Nellmapius Drive, Irene, Gauteng

Telephone: 0126672326


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