Mythos: authentic Mediterranean cuisine comes to Rosebank

In Greek culture, food is so much more than sustenance – it’s about culture, comfort, family, and life itself. 

“If you grow up in Greece, you grow up with your mother chasing you around the house with a spoon,” jokes George Kutra, the owner of Mythos Restaurant. 

Established in 2006, Mythos has fast become renowned for its authentic Greek cuisine.  And ‘authentic’ is not a term I use lightly.

storeshotone - Mythos: authentic Mediterranean cuisine comes to Rosebank
The inspiration behind the interior design was to highlight the authentic Greek lifestyle and atmosphere, the need to reconnect with the traditional Greek heritage and simplicity of Greek design. Picture supplied

The Greek passion for life, beauty and of course food, ensures a joyous eating experience at Mythos. 

The menu is an exploration of authentic Greek cuisine. You can enjoy a variety of Meze, or traditional cooked meals such as Kleftiko and Mousaka, or meat, fish and seafood dishes as mouth-watering alternatives. 

You can also enjoy some lovely light lunch options in pita and a delectable range of salads. 

Vegetarians are well catered for and as a tantalizing end to a fine meal, the desserts are breathtaking. 

Homemade Baklava, Halva and Greek yoghurt served with nuts and honey, are but some of the delights on offer.

HalloumiCheesewithhoney - Mythos: authentic Mediterranean cuisine comes to Rosebank
Deep fried Halloumi cheese with honey. Picture supplied

From some lamb dishes to fresh seafood, vegetables, beans, pulses and, of course, good olive oil, Greek food is simple, colourful and incredibly nutritious. 

Like other Mediterranean cuisines, Greek food has a reputation for being heart healthy with its heavy use of olive oil, fish, lean meats, vegetables, herbs and grain, although some dishes can be quite rich, like the classic moussaka – a hearty dish made of layers of lamb and eggplant, smothered in béchamel sauce and cheese.

DolmadesandTzatziki - Mythos: authentic Mediterranean cuisine comes to Rosebank
Dolmades served with tzatziki. Picture supplied

Mezes (or mezze) refers to small dishes, which frequently help make up the main meal, served with salads, dips and pita bread. Besides the ever-present olive oil, other widely used ingredients and flavorings include eggplant, tomatoes, potato, okra, lemon, cheese, herbs, and honey. 

Many dishes are wrapped in filo pastry – including Greek classics such as spanakopita (spinach and feta) and the honey-drenched, nut-filled dessert baklava. 

As for beverages, strong Greek coffee, retsina (white wine with pine resin added) and the 80-percent-proof anise-flavoured ouzo are all ever popular.

yIRiZ6rf - Mythos: authentic Mediterranean cuisine comes to Rosebank
Falafels and hummus. Picture supplied

When Greeks taste something delicious, they have a lovely phrase "Yia Sta Heria Stas" which translates as "I kiss your hands", celebrating the skill of the cook. 

You’ve heard the myth, now go experience it.

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