#MyHeart Kahna isn’t perfect, but neither am I

For the month of February, IOL is inviting our readers to tell us who they love and why to stand a chance of winning amazing prizes in our #MyHeart competition.

Our next winner is Cayla Teixeira, who submitted the following entry:

#MyHeart Story

Meet Kahna…

24039073kahna - #MyHeart Kahna isn’t perfect, but neither am I

Now…Let me make this clear; Kahna isn’t perfect, but neither am I. Both of us are working on some issues, but at least we are doing it together. She’s teaching me to be more patient and to have more empathy, and I’m teaching her that helium balloons aren’t evil and that coffee tables aren’t chew toys. 

This dog LOVES naps just as much as I do. She really knows how to get her sleep on.

kahna1 - #MyHeart Kahna isn’t perfect, but neither am I

She’s ALWAYS up for an adventure. She doesn’t care about the what, when, where or how.

kahna2 - #MyHeart Kahna isn’t perfect, but neither am I

She lets me watch what I want to watch on TV. She doesn’t moan when I put on Pretty Woman for the 10th time this month.

She loves my 5-star “cooking” skills. Whether it’s apple, peanut butter or just adding a touch of coconut oil to her dinner, she’s always grateful.

She can spend hours on devouring her new chew. I can almost smell the appreciation.

I haven’t obtained any form of therapy licence, but Kahna thinks I am a good masseuse. She gladly accepts my doggie massages I offer.

She gives the best greetings. Without fail, she’s always excited to see me when I come home. It’s a full on butt wiggle parade. EVRYDAY. I can’t remember when a human greeted me this warmly.

Kahna doesn’t judge. She doesn’t care how much money I make or what my social status is. Pfffft…She doesn’t even know what zip code we’re in.

She’s loads of fun. Kahna is always up for a game of tug, fetch or find it.

She’s a great vacuum. The kitchen floor is always food-free. No tile left un-licked.

Kahna ALWAYS keeps secrets. I can tell her anything without worrying if she’ll spill the beans. She’s all ears.

Kahna makes the best cuddle buddy. Occasionally I’ll wake up to her butt in my face… – but she’s good for the most part.

Definitely great at gardening. She’s a better digger than I am. Pulling weeds? She’s a pro.

All Kahna want’s wants to do is brighten your day…I mean, just look at this face…

I hate to brag… but Kahna is pretty photogenic and can strike a pose on demand.

She will always be my little baby… – and she knows it.

Even when she’s causing a bit of trouble, she manages to make it look cute.

These are just some of the reasons why I love Kahna dearly. She’s one of the most beautiful things I keep in my heart.

Dogs are some of the best and most genuine animals on this earth. I don’t know what we did to deserve them… – but one thing is for sure… I couldn’t imagine life without them.

Hope your hearts warmed-up like mine does on a daily basis.


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