WATCH: Mecer advert leaves SA confused

CAPE TOWN – Mecer, a South African assembler and distributor of information and communications technology (ICT) products owned by JSE-Listed Mustek has confused social media users with its latest advertisement.

On social media, South Africans have asked what the point of the advert is, if it is focused on the whole South Africa Branding "local is lekker", a government message or a company or product?

In the advert, people dressed in Mecer uniforms are seen dancing around the warehouse, sitting on a conveyor belt that is moving, standing on top of forklifts, throwing equipment such as laptops around while someone is rapping about South African culture. 

You can see the ad here:

This is what South Africans had to say on Twitter:

I’m not one to diss ads, but wow! What’s going on here? Released in 2019. 2019 people.

— Drew Soglo (@DrewSoglo) February 25, 2019

— Zazi. Zithande. Zithembe (@Just_Shoki) February 25, 2019

I couldn’t finish this video to even see what the Advert is about. The music is also just horrible! Hai ngeke

— Thembelihle (@LeeMagagz) February 26, 2019

I refuse to believe that this ad was conceptualized by an actual South African. We might suck at a few things but never creative arts. No. 🙅‍♀️

— Kgosatsana ya Tloung 👑 (@larnieboo) February 26, 2019

When marketing budgets are spent on nothing. The creator does not understand the genre, nor the target audience.

— Louis Seeco (@Louisseeco) February 26, 2019

Lol who knew meccer was made in sa. The delivery tho

— Marshall Zhanje (@britney_sa) February 26, 2019

This is embarrassing for our industry, the level of creativity our country has and just plain wrong! What was the objective here?, who approved the concept? The creative direction? 🤔Even pre 2010 it would have STILL been a bad idea executed poorly too. I have so many questions🙊

— Empress Kay ✨ (@MissKgali) February 26, 2019

tooooo much!

— Issa Mess™️ (@Ngubenil) February 26, 2019

On YouTube, The advert has received over 26,944 views and in the comment section, certain South Africans believe that the advert is great and should be on television. 

Here are some of the comments on the Youtube video:

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