Africa’s top 5 wealthiest women

Women have long become a force to be reckoned with in the world of business and finance. A world that was largely dominated by men. 

Over the years African woman have worked their way onto the Forbes list.

Herewith a list of 5 wealthiest women in Africa: 

Isabel dos Santos (Net Worth: R32 Billion)

IsabeldosSantos - Africa's top 5 wealthiest women
Isabel dos Santos

Isabel dos Santos is the oldest daughter of Angola’s former president, Jose Eduardo dos Santos. Between June 2016 to November 2017 she was the head of Sonangol, Angola’s state oil firm. During that time she ended up with stakes in Angolan companies including banks and a telecom firm. She now owns shares of Portuguese companies, including telecom and cable TV firm Nos SGPS.

Folorunsho Alakija (Net Worth: R15 Billion)

FolorunshoAlakija - Africa's top 5 wealthiest women
Folorunsho Alakija

Folorunsho Alakija is vice chair of Famfa Oil, a Nigerian oil exploration company with a stake in Agbami Oilfield, a prolific offshore asset. Alakija’s first company was a fashion label whose customers included the wife of former Nigerian president Ibrahim Babangida. The Nigerian government awarded Alakija’s company an oil prospecting license in 1993, which was later converted to an oil mining lease.

Mama Ngina Kenyatta  (Net Worth: R13 Billion)

mamaNginaKenyatta - Africa's top 5 wealthiest women
Mama Ngina Kenyatta

The former First Lady, wife of late Kenya’s first president Jomo Kenyatta, she oversees a serious portfolio of brands and investments, including the largest privately owned Kenyan bank, the Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA), and the upmarket hotel chain Heritage. Brookside Dairies, East Africa’s leader in the dairy field with market share reaching from the region to the Middle East is another part of a vast investments empire which also includes media firm Media Max and Timsales Timber.

Wendy Ackerman (Net Worth: R13 Billion)

wendyackerman - Africa's top 5 wealthiest women
Wendy Ackerman

Wendy Ackerman is the co-owner the Pick ‘n Pay retail establishment and Ackerman Family Trust. According to Ackerman, constant hard work has been her main key to success. I have never been lazy and I have always pushed myself. I don’t know where the stamina comes from,” Ackerman says in an interview with IOL.

Wendy Appelbaum (Net worth: R2 billion)

WendyAppelbaum - Africa's top 5 wealthiest women
Wendy Appelbaum

Wendy Appelbaum is the co-owner of Chair De Morgenzen Wine Estate, which is one of the top-ranked Cape Town wine farms. She is the daughter of Liberty Group founder Donald Gordon. She served as a director at Liberty Group Investors where she was one of the company’s largest individual shareholders before making her fortune by selling her shares and opening her wine farm with her husband. In 2012, Appelbaum made the list of Forbes Top 10 female millionaires to watch in Africa.

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