DMF contestant’s newspaper job is ‘fake news’

Red flags have been raised about the screening of participants of "Date My Family," a reality TV dating show, after a potential date lied about working for The Star.

Sizwe Simelane, of Soweto, pictured, was exposed for claiming to be a sub-editor on this newspaper during an introductory clip in the show on Sunday evening.

This claim raised some curiosity as some staff of The Star started receiving messages about Simelane’s employment status in the newspaper.

However, nobody knew of him.

Human resources and Independent Media national production manager Renata Ford said they had no records of Simelane ever being employed in the group.

“I don’t know him at all. He certainly isn’t in our team, the editorial production unit,” said Ford.

108586480 - DMF contestant's newspaper job is 'fake news'
Sizwe Simelane. Photo: Screenshot.

Simelane might have lied about where he worked, but he was truthful about his studies.

He was registered for a journalism diploma at Damelin College in Braamfontein. Workers at the institution confirmed knowing him.

When The Star called Simelane on Monday, he claimed there was a misunderstanding with the producer of the show. “I work for The Stars online publication and not The Star newspaper. We cover and supply news stories to a community radio station,” said Simelane.

When asked for a website address to his publication, he said he was waiting for his colleague to provide him with the information. He then hung up when asked for the name of the radio station he works with.

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