WATCH: A milk tart milkshake to celebrate #NationalMilktart Day

Today is the day to celebrate the humble milk tart! Inspired by the Dutch and perfected by South Africans from all walks of life, through generations – there’s nothing better than a slice of homemade milk tart.

The bakeries at retailers have tried, and many times failed to recreate that homemade taste that you can only get from baking a milk tart in your own kitchen. This is why choosing a store bought milk tart is a risk on a good day.

But the milk tart has not escaped change and adaptation. Last year, as part of a Heritage Day promotion Burger King launched a limited edition Milktart Milkshake. Six months later it’s still on the menu and for good reason.

This milkshake is pretty good, and I wasn’t expecting to like it. I was expecting a sickly, sweet, syrup mixed with milk that would make anyone’s stomach turn. What I tasted was a burst of cinnamon and milky goodness.

Admittedly it’s a mouthful and I would struggle to enjoy it during or even after a meal of burgers and chips, but on it’s own it’s a really nice shake.

When it was launched it was described as "sweet and creamy" by the Burger King team and it’s truly the best way to summarise it. It’s a shake that packs a flavourful punch so I decided to sip it slowly – after each sip waiting at least five minutes before taking the next sip. 

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All the milk goodness of a milk tart. Picture by Nathan Adams

It might sound odd, but I’d recommend drinking this shake slowly because the flavour can get overwhelming.

If you can’t bake your own milk tart today, and you don’t want a store bought one – this is a great way to say CHEERS to the milk tart!    

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