2019 wedding food trends to watch

Wedding food always excites people. They are always keen to know what is on the menu hence food will always remain as one of the most important aspects of a wedding.

We spoke to director and head chef at The Flying Pan, Mathew Hoepner that will be part of the upcoming wedding season, and below is what he said.

The rise of the salad 

Summery weddings are often set is ridiculously hot regions, where the idea of loads of heavy proteins dominating the food should change. A move to more interesting, seasonal, fresh and lighter options will become a trend. Think duck, fish, fruit, loads of leafy salads, asparagus, toasted hazelnuts and fresh ricotta.

Less formal, relaxed weddings

No designated seating, very few formalities and lots of mingling, this style wedding will benefit from loads of delicate canapes and flavour packed bowl foods, served throughout the evening.

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Market style wedding.

Market style weddings

Clients love the idea of a market style wedding with food stalls, it’s a great way of incorporating the couples favourite cuisines, often picked up whilst travelling together,  in smaller portions. Think Asian noodle bars, Mediterranean flatbread tables or Tex Mex tacos.

Out of season weddings

With the rise of weddings as an industry over the last 5-6 years, venues cost has skyrocketed, out of season rates are sometimes almost half as expensive and become affordable for couples, so more August, September and October weddings. The weather is often pleasant but chilly, so more complex, slow cooked comfort foods will be in favour. Curries, slowly braised joints, cannelloni, polenta, potatoes and red wine and dark chocolate.

The midnight snack

A lot of couples want these, there’s nothing better than a hot, gooey cheese and tomato toasty late at night. Expect midnight snacks to become a staple and the variety of different options caterers provide to increase.

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