Here are SA’s top social media food groups

Before tucking into a meal, you either say grace or you take a picture of your meal to show your social media followers.

With over 3 million #food posts on Instagram, it’s no wonder that so many users have found a way to capitalise on it.

Social media has created a platform for many home cooks to show off their cooking skills and share recipes.

In most cases, these groups were created by cooks whose only objective was to share their home-made dishes with their social media followers.

Here are some of the cooking pages and groups that have taken the stress out of preparing meals for many families.

Swop Cooking Ideas (152 246 members, Facebook)

The group lets users share pictures of their home made meals, which they are allowed to post with or without a recipe.

The aim is to: “make (someone) else’s brain wrecking experience less painful”, and that’s what this group has done. The members are a combination of cooks with levels of cooking skills and showcases a variety of recipes for every day of the week.

There are some rules to follow, one of them being that only tried and tested recipes may be shared.

Another rule is that members must be willing to share their recipes on the page, or else it defeats the purpose.

If you’re looking to go on a nostalgic food journey, then this is the group you should be following.

108666691 - Here are SA's top social media food groups
Social media has created a platform for many home cooks to show off their cooking skills.

Cape Malay Cooking with Fatima Sydow (295 636 followers, Facebook)

Fatima Sydow and her sister Gadeeja Sydow Noordien launched their own cooking show, Kaap, Kerrie en Koesisters on Via in 2017.

The sisters grew up cooking with their mother in their family home, and have now shared their skills with the rest of the country.

However, many people might recognise Fatima from her Facebook page, Cape Malay Cooking with Fatima Sydow.

On the page, Fatima cooks traditional Cape Malay style meals among the hundreds of other dishes which she shares.

Her recipes include anything from a jelly and custard to a lamb curry. Since starting the page over six years ago, Fatima has released her cookbook by the same name.

In April, the sisters will be launching Cape, Curry and Koesisters based on their cooking show. The book will also be available in Afrikaans. Fatima’s cooking page is not just about sharing recipes. She shares some personal stories and cooking tips with her followers.

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