Shock at online petition to sell the N Cape to Namibia

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Northern Cape residents have reacted with shock and anger to an online petition wanting to sell the province to Namibia to settle some of Eskom’s debt. The petition, which was started by Adian van Niekerk, suggests the province contributes little to the country.

Largely rural with the lowest population, the Northern Cape is rich in mineral wealth, but most say its wealth lies in its people. The online petition has those living here hot under the collar.

Northern Cape resident Jason Milford says that the people of Northern Cape need to be taken into consideration.

“You know I can’t even wrap my mind around the whole thing of selling a province because what about the people? We need to take a look at how this will affect people. I think they must arrest van Niekerk and throw away the key.”

Another resident, Tamryn Mally, says that the Northern Cape is a rich province.

“Well to be honest, I don’t like the idea because our province is so rich in minerals that it is not necessary. There can be alternative ways to get Eskom out of debt.”

Northern Cape Premier, Sylvia Lucas, laughed off the petition.

Across the Orange River, there are some who like the idea.

Basil de Waldt, Namibian resident, says that the country needs the Northern Cape.

“Yes we need Northern Cape. We will be grateful for the South African government if they sell the Northern Cape to  Namibia. We are the same people.”

It’s unclear though what the Namibian government thinks about the petition.

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