Trend alert: Gold wedding dresses for the modern bride

From the long sleeve gowns we thought were stuffy, but fell in love with after Kate Middleton’s fairytale wedding, to boho-chic dresses with deep V-necklines and bell sleeves, every year has its wave of wedding dress trends that we’re a little undecided about.

However, this is one wedding dress trend that we’re all crazy about right from the start.

37126571famweddingdresswithrosygoldundertonesresize - Trend alert: Gold wedding dresses for the modern bride
Picture: Pinterest

Searches for gold wedding gowns are up by 1552% on Pinterest. If your first thought was, how gold are we talking – you’re not alone. 

Is it just slightly more intense than off-white, with shimmery glints here and there or is it that nostalgic yellow-gold colour of the foil chocolate coins are wrapped in?

37782626fameastmeetswestwedding - Trend alert: Gold wedding dresses for the modern bride
East meets West: Mustard yellow-gold mixed with beige hues. Picture: Pinterest.

It seems there is no single hue that encompasses this trend, it ranges from light and airy beige with subtle metallic flecks to bronzy rose gold and shiny saturated mustards. Whether you fancy minimalism or love to make a bold statement, there are ways to alter this trend to suit an array of individual tastes.

37306725BIANCAWARRENGOLDDRESS2 - Trend alert: Gold wedding dresses for the modern bride
Feathers, fullness and three-dimensional lace create drama on this stunning once-off creation that’s part of Bianca Warren’s semi-finished collection. 

Although it was blue that was originally associated with piety, faithfulness and the Virgin Mary, South African Designer, Bianca Warren said, “Colours have different meanings and white has come to be viewed as the most traditional, associated with innocence and purity.”

With brides no longer limiting themselves to shades of white when it comes to their gowns, Warren said we can thank the daring Vera Wang for this.

 “She’s the biggest trendsetter in the design industry when it comes to this change, Vera Wang has brought coloured wedding gowns to the forefront of bridal fashion.”

If her sumptuously vibrant Spring 2019 colour palette is anything to go by, it’s evident that Wang plays by her own rules. With demure white dresses dominating the scene at every other bridal fashion show, it’s refreshing to have someone challenge such a tradition-loving industry with new styles and silhouettes.

Warren said, “I love the idea of bringing nudes, gold and champagne into the mix, however, I would bring it in as an accent colour.”

37524432goldenweddingdresspinterest - Trend alert: Gold wedding dresses for the modern bride
Gold leaves on the train add depth and create contrast against the white of the wedding dress. Picture: Pinterest.

Another way to get the shimmery look is to add gold hand work on a white base to bring depth and add a beautiful contrast to an otherwise plain, one-toned dress, “This will photograph stunning,” said Warren. 

For Musa Duma, Creative Director and founder of Musallio Africa, an African-rooted, global focused boutique based in Bryanston, Johannesburg, gold undertones eliminate the inhibitions of the white dress. “Personally, I’ve never been a fan of white wedding dresses for the simple reason that I always find the earthy tones, even gold in this instance, carry more pizzazz. It takes a very good eye to make a stunning white-only dress, this is where the gold tones can make the project exciting.”

Internationally known for her bridal and evening couture, Elbeth Gillis, wedding dress designer based in Cape Town, said that this trend has old Hollywood written all over it. 

"Simmering, golden wedding gowns is a wonderful comeback of the glamorous gowns that epitomised the Golden Age in Hollywood (1930s to 1950s). While evening gowns in the 1930s showcased bias cuts that clung to every female curve, the 1950s took on a more structured silhouette. This era saw the use of lame (fabric that has interwoven gold and silk threads), as well as silks and satins."

37697854gillisresize - Trend alert: Gold wedding dresses for the modern bride
An Elbeth Gillis creation that perfectly embodies the golden wedding gown trend.

Since special occasions call for extra sparkle, Gillis said the return of this trend makes sense, "I think, because our daywear has become increasingly casual, we want to be creative; we want to add mystique and charisma to our lives, and not the least when life is hard – it allows for a little bit of healthy escapism."

If you’re looking to go for gold, Warren suggested making your dress the show by styling it with minimal jewellery as the metallic accents are already making their own statement. 

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