Ramaphosa’s letter exchange with ‘Daisy from East London’ wins Twitter praise

Johannesburg – President Cyril Ramaphosa has won social media praise after he posted on Twitter his correspondence with a little girl from East London who wanted to know, among other things, whether females could also aspire to be head of state.

In the multicoloured handwritten letter signed "Daisy from East London" the child told Ramaphosa that he inspired "everyone in this country" and that she wanted to be president like him one day.

"You are a strong independent president," she said, also throwing in a challenge: "If you can make the world a better place why don’t you."

"Can girls be presidents? How hard is it to rule the world?" she asked.

In his response, Ramaphosa conceded that being president was hard and he often had to make tough decisions, but was quick to point out that girls could also do the job.

"Girls can be anything they want in the world today," he said. "They can be teachers, or scientists or astronauts – and to answer your question, yes they can be presidents too."

LetterfromDaisy - Ramaphosa's letter exchange with 'Daisy from East London' wins Twitter praise
President Cyril Ramaphosa posted a copy of the colourful handwritten letter he received from a little girl in East London on his Twitter page.

Perhaps aptly, given that South Africa will hold elections in May, Daisy also asked the president "how many people do you need to vote for you?"

The social media reaction to the exchange was largely positive.

"I look forward to voting for you someday, Daisy! #GirlsCanBePresidentsToo," wrote Twitter user Carmel Gaillard.

Another user, Denise Wilson, called the letter interaction "precious".

There was some snarkiness as well.

One Twitter user found Daisy’s question of where Ramaphosa lived in Johannesburg hilarious, quipping:

"Daisy wants to visit that luxurious palace of Ramaphosa in Jhb."

African News Agency/ANA

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