PICS: Cops spoil dagga party at Glenvista High

Johannesburg – Celebrating a birthday with a card filled with dagga bags appears to be the order of the day at a high school in the southern suburbs.

And to complete the happiness is a school lunch box filled with cannabis muffins.

This is what the Joburg metro police department (JMPD) found when they raided the Glenvista High School for drugs this week with sniffer dogs.

The greeting on the birthday card, which had three plastic bags filled with weed stapled on to it, read: “Gonna be the highlight of your day because weed be good together.”

108852001 - PICS: Cops spoil dagga party at Glenvista High
Muffins made with cannabis, known as space cakes, were found in a pupil’s lunch box. Picture: Supplied

The JMPD officers were working with the principal of the school and its governing body after it was reported that drugs were being sold on the premises.

Ward councillor Sarah Wissler said the raid happened after she received calls from numerous parents who were concerned about the safety of their children and wanted to ensure that their loved ones were not involved in criminal activities or affected by it.

The JMPD officers brought in drug sniffer dogs, searched the school premises and went through every pupil’s school bag.

“It was sad to discover that some pupils were in possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia and muffins with dagga in them. We know there is a syndicate at the school peddling the drugs and the main supplier is elsewhere.

108852003 - PICS: Cops spoil dagga party at Glenvista High
Some of the contraband found during the police operation. Picture: Supplied

“We will get to the bottom of this and deal with these criminals who seem to want to destroy the future of our youth,” Wissler said, adding that the city’s public safety department would continue with these drug raids until they were no longer a problem at the school.

“We will follow up with educational talks about the dangers of drug usage and the consequences of being involved in criminal activities.

"It is sad that children, who are supposed to be concerned with their education, will now face the law. The pupils who were caught will be dealt with by the authorities,” she said.


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