TREND: The teeny tiny bag goes big

There was a time when really small phones were all the hype. 

But even the smallest cellphone wouldn’t fit into the new Jacquemus Mini Le Chiquito bag. 

I doubt you’ll even be able to fit both of your AirPod earphones in there. 

orangebag - TREND: The teeny tiny bag goes big
Jacquemus Mini Le Chiquito bag is so tiny is can fit in the palm of your hand. (Picture: Instagram)

The “mini” bag should actually be called “micro” since it can only hold microscopic objects.

During fashion week we’ve seen designs that range from exquisite to ridiculous.

This tiny bag most definitely falls in the ridiculous category. 

The Jacquemus Mini Le Chiquito bag measures a teeny tiny 5.2cm long. It can comfortably fit in the palm of your hand and smaller than a credit card. 

Guests who were invited to AW19 show were the first to see the miniature bag since the invitations were sent out in them.

invite 1 - TREND: The teeny tiny bag goes big
The tiny invitation for the AW19 show. (Picture: Instagram)

Those guests and the rest of the audience probably didn’t realize that the bags were, in fact, a part of the collection because the accessory was so tiny that they completely missed them on the fingers of models.

One could easily have mistaken them for rings!

It didn’t take long for the Le Mini Chiquito bag to pop up on all social media platforms. Especially on Twitter where users remarked what they would store in the tiny bags. 

Tiny bag jokes aside, the small bag has become a huge trend.

The big (well not that much bigger) sister to this microscopic bag is the “Le Sac Chiquito”. A Jacquemus best seller. 

Spotted in the hands of celebs like Rihanna and Kendell Jenner. 

kendell - TREND: The teeny tiny bag goes big
Kendall Jenner with her “Le Sac Chiquito” bag. (Instagram)

The mini bag is 10cm wide and 9 cm high. Which means you can probably fit your credit and a few coins in there, your cellphone if you’re lucky!

If you’re one those women who carry everything in your bag, from makeup to clothes, then this bag isn’t for you.

If you’re the girl loses five pairs of earphones a year, then this bag DEFINITELY isn’t for you. 

A price has not yet been set for Le Mini Chiquito.

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