Buthelezi calls on South Africans to shape their own future

SABC News Mangosuthu Butehelezi - Buthelezi calls on South Africans to shape their own future

Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) leader Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi has called on South Africans to shape their own future through voting in the 8 May national election.

He was addressing IFP supporters at the Chatsworth Stadium, south of Durban during the launch of the party’s 2019 election manifesto.

The party’s slogan for this sixth democratic election is “Trust Us”.

Buthelezi says the current leadership has not yet delivered economic freedom for the masses in the country.

“We understand the simple truth that the economic salvation promised by political freedom has not materialised in our country despite all the promises and all the talk shops and all the resources thrown at the problem what is missing is the right value system. Without the right value systems the leadership of our country is bound to fail, and has failed.”

Buthelezi says not every political party is offering real solutions to re-generating South Africa. He has criticised the current government, saying it is riddled with corruption.

“The system isn’t working; the system of government isn’t working in this country. If it were working we wouldn’t have been settled for 9 years with a failing leadership to the point where corruption became endemic and the state became captured. If the systems were working we wouldn’t have a stagnant economy that led to a recession and rising unemployment. The system is just not working.”

Buthelezi has called for equal pay for men and women. He addressed the issue of gender equality during the launch. He says society will only change when women become economically emancipated.

“To me, gender equality is a reality not just a slogan. SA needs to enact legislation to enforce equal pay for equal work. The salaries of Banyana Banyana players must be prioritised. It is symbolic of the discrimination faced by all women. It is time to introduce gender equality model as part of the school curriculum so that our society can begin to change.”

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