Trendy anime hair colours for teenagers to try

Get animated with anime hair colours these school holidays.

Many teenagers love to experiment with their hair, pushing boundaries to see how far they can get with parents or simply to see how crazy they can go.
Bold, dramatic hair colours  inspired by anime and manga characters, who are seen sporting loud hair colours such as greens, oranges, and reds, are the latest rage.

Anime, Japanese animation, is taking over the world with series such as Dragon Ball Z, featuring hero Son Goku, who sports hair with attitude.

“This is a fun way for young people to have some safe and experimental fun with their hair during the school holidays, and draw in a wardrobe to match,” said Rajas Naidoo, of Granada Centre’s Simply Panache Hair and Beauty salon.

In anime, there is always some sort of connection between hair colour and personality type.

To unleash the anime character in you, here are some of the hair colours to try. 

  • Red:  Red hair is often associated with a passionate, seductive, feisty, enthusiastic, adventurous, dynamic, primal, hot-headed, aggressive and opinionated character. 
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A red-haired anime character, Tsukinaga Leo. Picture: Pinterest. 

  • Green: Green is for an easy-going, trustworthy, docile, enlightened, tolerant, rejuvenating-with-raw-energy personality. 
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A green-haired anime character, Enkidu. Picture: Pinterest. 

  • Orange: Orange is for a courageous, loyal, spirited, optimistic, unpredictable, brazen, testy, selfish, annoying and attention-seeking person. 
411664861af859c83f256dd482c3c6bafaee159b - Trendy anime hair colours for teenagers to try

Enju Eihara rocking orange hair. Picture: Pinterest. 

Remember, always get a professional stylist to colour your hair. 


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