Drug courier executed because she ‘smoked stash meant for prison’

Cape Town – A young mother “knew” she was going to die after she smoked the drugs she was supposed to smuggle into Pollsmoor Prison.

Hours before her death, Gabby Ann Petersen-Van Wyk told her mother Jill Petersen that she was a dead woman and her family would learn the truth after her body is found.

On Tuesday just before 8 am, Gabby, 28, was found with a gunshot wound to her head on the grounds of the Multi-Purpose Centre in Ocean View.

Jill believes Gabby was lured to her death by people she knew.

Speaking to the Daily Voice moments after identifying her daughter’s body, the mom admitted Gabby was a drug addict.

Gabby has a nine-year-old son and the family had been trying to get her off drugs.

On Monday at 7 pm, Gabby had received a message on Facebook, telling her to come and collect her cellphone which she had lost two weeks ago.

Jill became suspicious and warned Gabby not to go.

108970100 - Drug courier executed because she 'smoked stash meant for prison'
Mom of one Gabby Petersen of Ocean View was shot in the forehead.


“Two weeks go they gave her drugs she was supposed to smuggle into Pollsmoor but she didn’t do it and smoked out the drugs,” explains Jill.

“This is all that she told me. I do not know who it was for and what kind of drugs it was.

“She received a message from this person to get her cellphone in Lapland (an area in Ocean View).

“I warned her it was a trap, that they were going to kill her. I told her don’t go.

“She said ‘Mommy, please do not hate them and do not cry’.

“She said ‘no Mommy, I will get my phone and remember the friend will tell Mommy everything about why they’re going to kill me.”

108969759 - Drug courier executed because she 'smoked stash meant for prison'
Gabby’s mother Jill Petersen.

Jill says Gabby left the house and at 2 am she woke up with an unsettling feeling.

Hours later, Gabby’s body was found by a maintenance officer.

“They killed her execution-style, they shot her as she was sitting. But I do not hate them, I will love them, God is in control,” says a crying Jill.

“My daughter was on drugs, I spoke to her as a mother and I told her of the consequences of her actions and what will happen to her son.

“I never chased her away, she was my daughter, she never stole from me.”

Police spokesperson, Lieutenant-Colonel André Traut, confirms a case of murder is under investigation.

“The body of a 28-year-old female was discovered at about 7.50am by the maintenance officer who arrived to lock open the premises. “The victim had a gunshot wound to her forehead.

“A murder docket has been registered at Ocean View SAPS.”

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