Restaurants hard hit by power outages

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Loadshedding has proved time and again to be a great inconvenience to the public, businesses, especially restaurants have been hard hit, but this time around some are better prepared.

With or without loadshedding, a PE restaurant continues as usual as a generator saves the day.

Lara van der Walt, a customer at the restaurant, says that although it is good that the restaurant has a creative alternative, the menu is different.

“I think it’s wonderful when restaurants are creative and use alternative energy, but of course in terms of our choice the menu if different, not everything is available and it makes life a bit uncomfortable.”

Another customer, Khanya Nonkwebo, says that she can sit at the restaurant and use their power.

“It’s pretty inconvenient during the weekend when you don’t have school or anything. So you want to chill be at home, but there is no power; so if you want to be on your phone – it’s flat, no TV, no microwave and you have to go somewhere. Fortunately for PE restaurants, they have generators so I can chill here and use the power.”

Loadshedding has moved to stage 4. Eskom blames a loss of additional imports from Mozambique.

A restaurant manager, Michelle-Ann Bailey, says restaurants require a lot of power; and big generators are expensive.

“So obviously we have a generator in place, but restaurants require a large amount of electricity, so generators that size are costly. We are investigating upping our generator, but for now we can only run on a limited menu. So 80% of our breakfast menu and 60% of our lunch menu. However, we ensure to continue serving coffee cause that’s our thing.”

Although restaurants make alternative plans, they’re suffering as they cannot function fully and sourcing alternative energy is costly.


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