17 date ideas on a budget

Love don’t cost a thing. But if you can’t afford to go out for dinner or indulge in extravagant date nights on the weekly – we hear you, and we’ve got you covered. 

Sitting in front of the TV or watching Netflix every night is a sure fire way to get yourselves in a bit of a rut. 

Make a picnic

Pack your favourite picnic bits and add a few romantic aphrodisiacs – strawberries, champagne and chocolate. Head to the park, the coast or simply cover the living room floor in blankets, cushions and candles and have your own dinner with a difference.

Museum trip

Get your culture on. Check out a local museum (most are free) and learn something new together. Open your world, eyes and explore ancient artifacts or technology of the future together. Even if you hate the idea, you can do a quick walk round, head to the cafe and check yourselves in on Facebook #RelationshipGoals.


Classic. Go early eve, don those hideous clown shoes and get competitive. Beer in plastic cups, tunes you’d long forgotten and all to play for if you ask for no barriers and make the stakes worth every strike…

Pub quiz

Head to your local and opt in to the quiz. It’s worth the couple of bucks entry to feel the bomb when you know the answer, or come last together and realise you are intellectually 100% compatible. Love is simple.

Romantic walk

Free, fresh air and a great way to talk with no distractions.


The Great South African Bake off is Back! Get inspired, Google some recipes and make a cake, loaf or showstopper together. Zola and Tjaart will be proud. #FoodPorn

Paint a canvas together

Pick up a canvas at your local craft shop. Make a collage of all those holiday pics still sitting in the drawer or get messy with the paints and create a masterpiece. Think Swayze and Demi Moore in Ghost.


Shut up and drive. Visor down and agree that the winner gets anything they want in bed that night. Winner takes all.

Come dine with me

Play come dine with me and cook a three course meal for each other on different nights. You’ll see how well they know you by the dishes they decide on, and skills in the kitchen can be rewarded by skills in the bedroom.

Porn Hub

Turn off Netflix and turn on Porn Hub…and each other. You’ll discover loads about what turns you both on and what things your partner is keen to try, but too scared to mention it over the dishes. Set the scene for sexual exploration.

Games night

Crack out the board games, open a bottle of wine and get comfy. It’s game on – keep a tally of scores and the loser has to obey the other’s every command for the rest of the night…Let the games begin. Bored of Scrabble? Check out our sexy couples games.

Sexy Skype

Live apart or going away for a few days? Facetime or Skype naked. Show them how you masturbate for a call they’ll never forget.


Dress up and live out your fantasies. Whether you’re up for an all out uniform scenario, or just surprise them one night in jaw-dropping lingerie – it’ll shake up your routine and get you turned on outside of your comfort zones. Hello officer…

Massage night

Light the candles and open the massage oil. Spas are overrated.

Star gaze

Grab a blanket (or a coat) and take to the balcony or garden on a clear night. Lie on your backs and absorb the stars like Noah and Allie in the Notebook. #ItStillIsntOver!

Car sex

Got a garage? Get off the couch, creep into the car and tick that naughty act off your F*ck It List.

Erotic story time

Write each other an erotic story, featuring you both as the main characters. Hot or hilarious, it will be get the creative and naughty thoughts flowing for a good night in. And they lived happily ever after.

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