Don’t let load shedding affect your style

Load shedding causes many inconveniences, let serving the looks be none of them. 
Many parts of the country are experiencing load shedding which is a concern when it comes to dressing up. Some have resorted to under-dressing because ironing beforehand is an extreme sport, but worry not because you can still dress up and serve the hottest looks, here’s how:

Wear tops that don’t need ironing
You probably have shirts that don’t need ironing but never pay attention to them because they’re not part of your favourite items. Well, now it’s time to bring them back and pair them nicely with your favourite jeans or pencil skirt. 
Stick to denim
There’s absolutely no reason to iron denim. Wrinkled or not, you can rock it and be on top of your game. If you’re required to be formal bend the rules a little and wear a pair of jeans with a formal shirt and shoes. 
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Rock your jeans and be on top of the trends. 

Wear figure-hugging dresses
Stop hiding your body under baggy clothes and work that figure! The good thing about a tight dress is that it takes little effort to pull off the look. As long as you have the right shoes and accessories, you’re good to go. 
Rock track pants
Unleash the Rihanna in you and wear track pants with strap high heel sandals and a cute top. Not only you will look stylish, but you’ll also be considered a trendsetter.
Plan your outfits in time
You probably don’t want to hear this but planning your outfits beforehand might be a better option. If possible, do it at least the night before but stay prepared for weather changes. 

* Top tip: Keep all your favourite clothing items ironed and hanged. 

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