PICS: Biker killed in kudu crash

Kimberley – The Kimberley motorcycling fraternity has been left “devastated” after a well-known city motorcyclist was killed during a freak accident on Sunday evening, when he collided with a kudu.

Cedric “Smiley” Johnson, 51, a member of the CC Riders bikers club in Kimberley, died on the N12, about 35 kilometres from Kimberley, on Sunday evening after hitting a kudu at around 6pm.

He had been riding with a fellow motorcyclist and was on his way back to Kimberley from Warrenton during a weekly ride when the incident occurred.

According to the motorcyclist, who wished to remain anonymous, the weekly ride normally consisted of a larger group of riders, but it was only himself and Johnson who rode on Sunday.

“I was riding behind Cedric, towards Kimberley. I saw a kudu jumping towards the road from the veld on the left, but thought Cedric would miss the animal. Then, in a millisecond, Cedric crashed into the animal, in what looked like an explosion of dust. It happened so fast, I could not even see where the kudu or his motorcycle ended up,” the rider told the DFA on the scene.

Johnson’s body lay covered on the left side of the road, while the wreck of his motorcycle ended up in the veld on the opposite side of the road, about 150 metres away. The kudu lay just off the shoulder of the road, also on the opposite side of the road, about 100 metres from Johnson’s body.

The Kimberley police on Monday confirmed that a culpable homicide case was being investigated following the incident.

Johnson’s family on Monday described the loss as “extremely challenging”.

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Cedric Johnson was killed after hitting a kudu with his bike on the N12 near the Windsorton turn-off on Sunday evening. Picture: Soraya Crowie/African News Agency (ANA)

“He was a family man, the pillar and core of the family and a lifeline to all. He always made himself available to assist anyone who needed him. We are completely taken aback by his death and he will be sorely missed,” family spokesperson Chris Mpisi said.

Johnson leaves behind his wife, Michelle, and daughter, Lisa.

CC Riders spokesperson Mike Miller said that the club had lost “a real gentleman and beautiful character”.

“Cedric was one of our safest and most responsible riders and we can’t believe he was involved in an accident that cost him his life. We have been left devastated by the loss of one of our most valuable, loyal and committed members. We are mourning the death of a real gentleman and beautiful character,” Miller said.

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Picture: Soraya Crowie/African News Agency (ANA)

Miller added that Johnson had been a member of CC Riders for approximately three years and made an effort to attend most rallies, regardless of where in the country they were held.

He concluded by saying that national and international motorcycling clubs had sent their condolences and sympathies following Johnson’s death.

“Bikers are all part of a strong brotherhood – if one dies, we all feel it,” Miller said.

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