South African female DJs and their favourite cocktails

Strawberry Lips has created a unique music property called ‘Sweet Beats’ that aims to empower women.

Sweet Beats is a monthly online showcase of female DJs – aptly known as the Sweet Beats Sistas who will be bringing valuable insights and information to aspiring female DJs.

Strawberry Lips has hand picked twelve ladies who have created names for themselves in the music and nightlife scene and become forces to be reckoned with. We spoke to some of the DJs to find out what are their favourite cocktails and what they like to drink when they are on the decks.  

DJHAPPYGAL - South African female DJs and their favourite cocktails
Happiness “Dj Happy-Gal” Ndlovu.

Happiness “Dj Happy-Gal” Ndlovu

“One of my favourite cocktails is the Strawberry Blossom as it tastes amazing, looks great and it’s garnished with one of my favourite fruits which is strawberries. What makes a good cocktail is it has to look amazing and taste just as good as it looks. When on the decks I like to have a bottle of water so to keep the energy up, then after my set I’ll have my favorite which is strawberry lips as I always have a designated driver”. 

VinylAngel1 - South African female DJs and their favourite cocktails
Jo "Vinyl Angel" Bodiba.

Jo "Vinyl Angel" Bodiba 

“My favourite cocktail is a faithful bitch from NewsCafé, or a really well made mango mojito from The beach in Rivonia.

What makes a really good cocktail, is if it’s mixed proportionally well.

“When on the decks a freshly poured glass of champagne always seems to do the trick otherwise ice cold strawberry lips in a martini glass over a little bit of crushed ice and a fresh strawberry as garnish. It’s oh so sexy and cute at the same time”.

imageedit 4 729926268 - South African female DJs and their favourite cocktails
Thando “Dj Lady Amar” Duma.

Thando “Dj Lady Amar” Duma

“My favourite cocktail has to be a virgin Strawberry Daiquiri. I’m a strawberry fanatic anything with strawberries does it for me. When plating I enjoy having my water and Red Bull, they literally keep me alive and very much energetic”.

DjCarlyO - South African female DJs and their favourite cocktails
Carly “DJ Carly O” Oosthuizen.

Carly “DJ Carly O” Oosthuizen 

“I don’t necessarily like a specific cocktail, I think the whole idea of a cocktail is a fun drink that also tastes good so I’m usually drawn towards trying new flavours and blends. My go to though is usually anything pink or pretty with tequila in it. I personally think what makes a good cocktail is the entire experience you have while drinking. The taste plays a huge role, you can’t force yourself to enjoy something that makes you gag.

“If I’m playing at a festival or a high energy setting I would prefer shooters. Quick and easy and out the way. Straight tequila or anything with tequila inside it”.

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