Chrysanthemums: Why it’s the ideal indoor plant

Bursting with brightness and available in all shapes and sizes, Chrysanthemums potted will add a subtle but immensely powerful spark of life to a room. 

Their variety of colours, affordability, and easy care instructions make them an ideal and dependable option for anyone.

Caring for indoor Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums have long-lasting blooms, so enjoy them indoors while they flower and plant them in the garden thereafter. While you’re enjoying them indoors, take care of them using the following guidelines:

Gentle light
Chrysanthemums enjoy lots of light but no direct sun. Keep them near a window so that they can enjoy the light that floods in. Early morning sunlight can be tolerated, if necessary.

Medium temperatures

Chrysanthemums do well in the general temperature offered indoors. They prefer slightly cooler areas, 10 – 18℃. Another reason to shield them from the sun – their flowering period can be extended in cooler areas.

IMG 78271 - Chrysanthemums: Why it's the ideal indoor plant

Water well

Chrysanthemums enjoy moist soil, so water them frequently. Twice per week should suffice, you can check by feeling the soil. It should never dry out completely.

Feed well

Ensure your plant is well-fed. They enjoy a good dose of liquid fertiliser during their flowering season. Fertiliser can be given bimonthly, every two weeks.

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