Pinays Share Scary Experiences Of Street Harassment At Night

Recently, a video that aims to illustrate how rampant harassment is for women who are out in Manila at night has been making the rounds on social media. Created by, the video depicts a social experiment in which a girl standing on her own in Quezon City at night is approached by five different men, four of whom insist on talking to her, inviting her out, and even getting her inside their cars.

While some netizens have cast doubts on the video’s authenticity, ask any female if this kind of thing happens to women when they’re alone in the streets at night, and expect to hear a resounding “OO NAMAN!” Worse, they’ll say it even happens during the day, even when they’ve got company, and even when they’ve got the rattiest, most unappealing clothes on.

We got eight Pinays to share their experiences with street harassment that are similar to the ones shown in the viral video. Read on for their stories, and try not to let your faith in humanity dip a notch.

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