Drinks to pair with sushi

Pairing sushi can be thirsty work, especiall when you not sure what to order from the drinks menu.

Learning how to best pair your beverages with your meal can make for great a dining experience.

We spoke to a sushi chef, Velile Mpontshane about different beverages you can have with your sushi.

White wines 

A great glass of wine can be the perfect addition to any tasty sushi meal.

Fish pairs very well with a white wine because fish have a lighter taste. Foods that are lighter do better with a white wine, since it is finer.


It’s not only wine that goes well with sushi don’t rule out ordering a craft beer!

Try a yeast-heavy body of beer because its the carbonation complements a great sushi.

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Enjoy a drink with your sushi. Pexels

Jasmine tea 

Any green tea pairs well with sushi.

Jasmine tea has green tea as the tea base giving out flavourful and herbal notes.

You can try sipping a glass of tea between bites of sushi and savour the taste.

Gin and tonic 

Gin and tonic is one of the hottest trends and combines well with Sushi.

It’s a perfect match you should never miss. There’s a huge variety of gin in the market you can choose your favourite.

The combination enhances the taste of the fish.

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