#Elections2019: Hlaudi Motsoeneng vows to change SA, ‘whether we like or not’

Johannesburg – As the hotly contested general elections edge nearer, leaders of political parties have come up with a variety of campaigns and slogans to convince potential voters to vote for them. 

While some leaders talk of land reform, the creation of jobs in their campaigns and the promise to deal with the Eskom crisis, one aspiring political leader has vowed to make South Africans happy within six months if elected. 

This is none other than the leader of the newly-formed political party African Content Movement (ACM) Hlaudi Motsoeneng, who on Thursday made Twitter headlines when he announced some of the bold plans he has to change the country should be "ascend to the Union Buildings".

The controversial former SABC boss, in a video shared on social media, shared his grandiose plans to fix South Africa and change peoples’ lives.

"For the first time in the history of South Africa after 1995, you will see a huge change in our manifesto. Our manifesto is an action manifesto…we’re not talking about the words, we’re talking about actions. 

"What I know in my life is only action and implementation, vision and plan. I have a plan for this country to turn around the lives of our people. The person that is going to change South Africa, whether we like or not, is Hlaudi Motsoeneng," a frenzied Motsoeneng tells citizens. 

Video: Twitter.

Social media has since reacted to the hilarious video, thanking the ACM leader for the "comic relief" and others questioning his mental health. 

See some of the reactions to his video: 

ELECTIONS LOGO eps - #Elections2019: Hlaudi Motsoeneng vows to change SA, 'whether we like or not'


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