Starbucks ‘cloud macchiato’ won’t be debuting in SA anytime soon

Earlier this year, Starbucks unveiled its latest coffee drink — The cloud macchiato, made with egg-white powder.

The cloud macchiato comes in caramel and cinnamon flavours and can be served iced or hot, but unfortunately, it won’t be debuting in South Africa anytime soon.

The new drink is served in stores in the USA and Canada and is a permanent fixture on those menus.

Managing Executive for Starbucks South Africa, Clive Liversage said the reason why the ‘cloud macchiato’ will not be available in SA is that they don’t always have access to the same beverages as the US.

“We work with Europe and middle east market and align with their beverage calendar. We would love to launch the Cloud Macchiato at some stage in the future”, said Liversage. 

While we are still waiting on cloud macchiato to launch in SA if possible, Starbucks SA has recently introduced a new ‘Blonde Espresso Roast’ 

We were treated to its tasting this week at Starbucks on Florida Road in Durban and I quite enjoyed it. 

lsblonderoast2 - Starbucks ‘cloud macchiato’ won’t be debuting in SA anytime soon
You can enjoy the new ‘blonde espresso roast’ which has been an international hit for years. PICTURE: Buhle Mbonambi

The company claims the blonde roast holds just as much caffeine as the dark roast, but with smoother and sweeter. The blonde espresso roast is perfect for all the people who like their coffee to not really taste like coffee.

Liversage said the coffee is perfect for those looking for something a little smoother, with no comparison on flavour.

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