The latest addition to your seduction arsenal: crotchless panties

From cheeky briefs to barely-there thongs, erotic crotchless panties come in a range of styles. 

Some still question the point of their existence. But after reading this, I think you could easily be enticed. Whether you’re still deciding, or have made your decision already, here are our top four reasons why you should re-vamp your knicker drawer with crotchless styles.

The very thought is a turn on

It’s no surprise that the simple thought of you wearing them will be a massive turn-on for you and your partner. Just let them know in your sultriest of voices and see where that takes you.

Spice up your life

You know what they say about variety, right? Opting for the same thing can eventually get boring. So instead of staying with the predictable, why not try mixing things up? Foreplay doesn’t just start at the bedroom. It can last, temptingly, for days. It’s all about the art of seduction, and crotchless panties can be part of that.

Get set for an adventure

Want to make time for some car action? Well, that can become a reality with minimal fuss thanks to crotchless panties. And better yet, no one will even know…

Stockings and suspenders make the perfect pairing

Ever experienced the struggle of removing your underwear with suspenders on? Kinda ruins the mood, doesn’t it? Well with crotchless panties on you won’t need to take them off at all. Simply team your suspenders with a pair of crotchless panties and problem solved. You’ll look irresistibly hot in the process, too.

Now hopefully you feel more enlightened in understanding the benefits. But just remember that cleanliness is also important. So, make sure you stay fresh down below before slipping on your laciest, silkiest pair…trust me, they’re worth a try. Time to go erotic and take your underwear collection to a new level.

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