Top stylish tips on how to get the perfect patio

Garden gnomes are gone. This year, the gourmet in the garden is everything, so kit out with contemporary fire and food places, double up on decks and add some ’70s style, writes Omeshnie Naidoo.


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Extend your home by creating living spaces outdoors.

Zoning is another popular trend related to homing. Just as you would create zones inside the home, the outdoor space can also be set into key zones for lounging and dining – rather than just one space for everything. A great way to demarcate and define the different spaces is through the use of rugs, explains Sachs.

Double decks are a growing trend. No longer does a deck have to be one large, solid surface, but rather it can have stairs and multiple levels for interest.
At the Patio Warehouse, minimal maintenance is key. While the patio is considered an extension of the home, this furniture will experience more weathering than indoors. There are now various ranges of outdoor furniture available, upholstered in a fabric that will withstand outdoor use year-round. 

They are crafted using breathable, quick-dry materials that allow constant air circulation. The UV, stain and mould resistance means a fresh, new look throughout the seasons.

Pool it

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Pools that appear as they would in nature are on trend.

Pools have always been an outdoor showpiece; however, there’s a wider range of accessories for the pool available today.
From peacocks to donuts, pool floats are the most affordable candy to kit your pool out with for a party.

“Rather than the traditional net pool covering, there is an emerging trend of installing more visually appealing pool covers that have the associated safety benefits as well,” says Willem de Wet, director & partner at Designer Pool Covers.

De Wet says, “The newly-launched decking system is sure to trend in the upcoming season because of the various benefits, such as a reduction in water evaporation, decreased chlorination and electricity use as well as low maintenance capabilities.

“The sliding or decking system also means that you can make use of the space above.”

For a staycation with a difference, some homeowners are also building natural pools at home that mimic an island getaway or dip in a river.

Outdoor entertainment areas with Boma fire pits and pizza ovens

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South Africa’s warm evenings are ideal for entertaining at night which always looks better with a fire going.

There is nothing quite as South African as a braai, but consumers are looking for something that is both functional and aesthetically appealing to suit the outdoor entertainment area, says Keith Hamilton, who provides a beautiful range of artisanal outdoor fireplaces that strike the balance between form and function. 

He adds, “The trend for multi-functional and aesthetically appealing outdoor entertainment areas has grown.”
The braai master is upping his game as well, as wood fire pizza ovens gain popularity.


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The new neutral is a dark, earthy anthracite.

The chalky, earthy tones of anthracite is set to be the most popular colour trend for outdoor furniture going into 2019, according to Sachs. This can be seen in sun loungers, dining tables and chairs, as well as drinks trolleys and accessories.

Outdoor homing

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Create rooms in your outdoor space to make it look and feel homely.

“Outdoor homing follows on from the trend to integrate indoor-outdoor spaces by creating a follow in design,” according to Alon Sachs, co-owner: Mobelli Furniture + Living.

He adds, “This can be done be picking up accent colours from your interior and introducing that colour palette or an extension thereof in your outdoor area. At its most basic you can do this with scatter cushions, throws, rugs and décor accessories. This will soften the transition between spaces and create a harmonious flow throughout your ‘home’.

“Look out for quilted designs in upholstered furniture and scatter cushions in 2019.”

When planning your layout think of rooms and create conversation corners.

Most retailers will offer modular furniture compositions which allows you to add or move chairbacks and side tables as you need to. You can also add on elements, modular chairs and ottomans.

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