ANC slams City OF Cape Town’s draft budget as an election tactic

Cape Town – Thursday’s tabling of the City’s draft budget has been slammed as an election ploy to garner votes for the DA in the upcoming elections.

Ian Neilson, Mayco member for finance, said the draft budget for the 2019/2020 financial year would be R49billion, of which R4bn would go towards the upgrading of informal settlements.

ANC caucus leader Xolani Sotashe said: “This draft budget will bring nothing new to the residents of Cape Town. I want to caution the people of Cape Town that they will be using this opportunity as an electioneering budget and they will be fooled. This budget does not take the people into consideration.”

Neilson said the budget would address major City issues. He added that he would be making a number of announcements on key aspects of it at a special media briefing.

According to the proposed budget, the safety and security directorate will receive a cash injection of R165 million toward its budget. The directorate’s planned operating expenditure includes money allocated to recruit additional law enforcement, purchase uniforms and personal protective gear and equipment for staff, as well as for the installation of 44 new CCTV cameras across the City’s vulnerable areas.

“That’s not the only thing the budget will prioritise; it will also announce the new rates for properties and also the new water tariff rates.”

Neilson was mum around the aspects that will be discussed. “We will divulge in more detail at the briefing and in council. We will explain how much each department will be getting and where the bulk expenditure is.”

Other issues that would be dealt with were changes to the Municipal Planning By-law and approval for the Heritage protection overlay for the Bo-Kaap, Neilson said.


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