Satellite dishes linked to increase in earthquakes

Cape Town – The slowdown of the Earth’s rotation has been linked to a cyclical increase in earthquakes and the main cause of the slowdown is the huge number of TV satellite dishes worldwide, a scientific study has revealed.

According to the study, scientists found that the slowdown in rotational speed of the Earth is directly linked to the proliferation of TV satellite dishes worldwide, the majority of which are pointing east. 

"The accumulative effect of all these billions of satellite dishes facing the same way and absorbing the electromagnetic energy of the satellite TV signals, collectively contributes to the slowing down of the rotation of the Earth," the study says.

To counter this, the study suggests that TV satellites should be evenly distributed between east and west. The slowdown effect of the eastern satellites would be balanced by the speeding up effect of the western satellites.

According to reports, the recommendations of the study have been communicated to satellite TV companies as well as government agencies.

Satellite TV companies are collaborating to re-configure the worldwide network of TV satellites, and South Africa will be one of the first countries to be affected. From May 1, South Africans can start receiving satellite TV signals from a geo-stationery satellite in the western sky. 

A three-month "change-over" period is planned whereby South Africans can receive satellite TV signals from east or west. During this time South Africans must arrange to move their satellite dishes to point to the west. East-facing satellite dishes will no longer operate after three months.

Satellite2 - Satellite dishes linked to increase in earthquakes

The TV companies are gearing up to ensure smooth implementation of the change-over. The cost of moving the satellite dish should not be more than R500. 

The president says that this project will provide much-needed job opportunities and will stimulate the economy and contribute to our GDP. 

"The short-term cost is negligible when taking into account the long-term sustainability of our planet. It’s an opportunity for every individual to make a difference and leave a legacy of a greener planet to our children," he said.

* Happy April Fool’s Day!

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