5 sexy role-playing ideas for the bedroom

Live out your every fantasy with some red-hot role play.

Role play allows you to release your inhibitions and take on a new persona… one of seduction. Have a conversation with your partner about your shared fantasies and choose your alter ego accordingly.

Get inspired.    


Meet again, for the very first time (kinda).

Arrange to meet at a local bar or coffee shop and act like strangers. Get to know each other again. This novel experience is a great way for the two of you to reconnect and re-ignite your spark. We reckon you’ll hit it off so end your successful first date by heading home for a steamy one night stand, of sorts. 

Massage therapist

Let your hands wander and relax into a world of pleasure.

Have your partner lay on the bed and act out a masseuse and client scenario, with a naughty twist. With a towel over their lower half, oil up their back or chest – making sure they’re feeling blissfully relaxed. Begin working your way up their legs, from their feet to the fold of their buttocks. Tease them by going no further until you can no longer resist.


Are you ready for your physical?

Perfect your bedside manner by acting out the classic naughty nurse and bed-bound patient scenario. Play the part by choosing from our range of nurse outfits, ranging from naughty to erotic. Take control and have your partner lay still whilst you have your wicked way.

After all, orgasms are the best medicine.     

Police woman

Get cuffed for your bad behaviour and find out how good it feels to be bad.

Playing cops and robbers just got hot. Rock your kinky constable ensemble and handcuff your lover. Play the domme and take control.

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