PICS: Artist turns food into amazing works of art

Food can be the ultimate storyteller and if you put your mind to it, every meal can be a work of art. 

We had a chat with New York born artist Harley Langberg, 30, who has taken the value of food as art to new heights about how he exactly does this. 

Langberg has been creating edible images of art for the last six years. He enjoys creating food art and working with brands whenever he has the opportunity.  

“I started making food art six years ago. My first piece was inspired by the street artist Banksy using eggplant and bell peppers. Using the picture of the actual Banksy work as reference, I went to my kitchen and created my first food art using the ingredients, a knife, a toothpick, and a white dinner plate”

“ Food art started out as something just for fun but now I have a mission of inspiring people to be creative, pursue their passions, and appreciate art in all forms. I also have worked with over twenty prominent brands and sell my prints so it has become a side business for me”, says Langberg.

IMG 9933 - PICS: Artist turns food into amazing works of art
Unicorn breakfast made with blue spirulina and beetroot powder mixed with fresh dispensed peanut butter, mango, orange, rhubarb, papaya, prune, pear, dark chocolate and yogurt. Supplied

He says he draws inspiration from famous artworks, pop culture, nature and his travels.

“I first look at a photograph and match up the ingredients to the colors in the picture. A lot of times I will try to have the food go together so one piece may be all vegetables while another one may be a breakfast dish using yogurts and fruits. It is sometimes quite a challenge to find ingredients and I often spend a lot of time in the produce section of the grocery store holding my phone with the picture of the image I’m recreating trying to find the best ingredients to match the colors in the image”, says Langberg.

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