All roads lead to home

I think part of the joy of travelling is the returning home and a fresh appreciation for the familiar and for those who you love, and who know you, being near you again.

I recently made some solo travels across the Western Cape. It was a time of solitude and contemplation, of mourning (I recently lost both my parents), and a time of adventure. My travels took me on sand roads and across the varying landscapes of the Western Cape from Agulhas to the Klein Karoo.

I was blessed during this time to meet wonderful locals who provided laughter and thought. The thing about “off the beaten track” travel is that you meet others who also have a heart for the unknown, for nature and for, perhaps, a bit of danger.

19282437 - All roads lead to home
Scarecrow guarding Redstone Hills. Picture: Vivian Warby

After all, what is an adventure without a good dollop of danger? I am fascinated by how people live in remoteness. How they have made a home away from the bustle of city life, moving to the country with snakes, jackals and birds of prey, and the silence, the beautiful silence.

A growing number of South Africans are finding homes away from a nine-to-five life.

For the full story and more pics click here.


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