6 ladies, 6 connections and 1 dreamy date on #TheBachelorSA

For this week’s instalment of "The Bachelor SA," Lee has planned a number of surprises for the remaining six ladies, Nontombi, Jacqueline, Michelle.R, Gina, Jenna and Jozaan. 

The first surprise is an early-morning breakfast, but will the ladies be prepared to see him before their morning beauty routine? More exciting surprises await the stunning ladies at the cocktail party – but who will stand out at the party and secure their place for another week in the race to win Lee’s heart?

At the moment, each of the ladies has established a connection with the bachelor and spent a considerable amount of time with him. 

Quantity surveyor Nontombi has been on five group dates with Lee – more than any of the other ladies. She joined the water-obstacle challenge, the steam-punk photoshoot, had some fun at the Dotsure doggy day, enjoyed a cowboy-themed group date, and in last week’s episode went sky diving – which was the date that won her some one-on-one time to get to know Lee better, where they enjoyed a romantic picnic in the bush.

Outspoken Pretoria-based lawyer Jozaan was a part of the water-obstacle challenge, the cowboy-themed group date and the steam-punk photoshoot, which earned her one-on-one time with Lee in a high-tea setting, where they got to know each other better and shared many kisses. In episode 7, she was the only girl who missed out on the sky-diving group date, which made her question her connection with Lee.

IMG 4981 - 6 ladies, 6 connections and 1 dreamy date on #TheBachelorSA

The Belle of The Bachelor SA ball, Michelle.R, hasn’t been part of many group dates, having only been on the water-obstacle challenge and sky-diving adventure. She did however receive a one-on-one very early in the season, where she was spoilt with a five-course dining experience at The Michelangelo Hotel, and was the first bachelorette to receive a piece of jewellery from Jack Friedman. She has also been seen as an early favourite, having received the first-impression rose in episode one.

Affectionate teacher Jacqueline didn’t have a great start during the first few episodes, having went through a lean period without invites. Eventually in episode four, she was invited to the steam-punk photo shoot, where she grabbed the opportunity to get close and personal with Lee, sharing a steamy kiss with him in front of all the other ladies. Following the shoot, she got invited to the cowboy-themed group date, which earned her the one-on-one she so desperately wanted. She and Lee enjoyed a night under the stars and some very passionate moments.

Lover of dry humor and sweetheart Gina has also been on a limited number of group dates, having only attended the water-obstacle challenge, the steam-punk photoshoot and sky-diving date. She was chosen for an intimate perfume-making experience in episode five, after intriguing Lee with her three guilty pleasures. The pair shared an afternoon of romantic fragrances, wine, cheese, chemistry and the most electrifying kiss of the season so far!

Jenna, the dark horse of the season, was part of the very first group date in episode two and also joined the steam-punk photoshoot, the Dotsure doggy day and the cowboy-themed group date. In last week’s episode, Jenna was finally invited to a one-on-one date in the very intimate and personal setting of Lee’s penthouse, where he impressed her with his culinary skills, and gifted her with not only a diamond necklace from Jack Friedman, but a red rose too.

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As the number of roses decrease, the number of reasons why viewers need to tune in are on the upswing. Here’s why fans need to tune in this week: 

  • A dreamy getaway date. Lee chooses one lady for an individual date without limits. Will love flourish? 
  • Hips don’t lie. A dancing bachelor and twirling bachelorettes! Will the ladies know their dance moves to keep up with Lee at the cocktail party?
  • Glitz and Glam.  The ladies are frosted with jewels by Jack Friedman and don the most glamorous of gowns to date.
  • A confession. Lee professes to a special lady that he’s falling for her…
  • The Bachelor’s sexy surprise. What might this be, and what do the ladies have to do?
  • Six ladies and six deep connections. But how many roses are up for grabs this week?

 We love breakfast for dinner! Watch @Lee_Thompson_ make pancakes tonight on #TheBachelorSA 🌹 at 19:00 on #MNet101. pic.twitter.com/8Gog5RtBld


"The Bachelor SA" is screened on M-Net Channel 101 every Thursday evening at 19:00

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