TREND: Rainbow nails to brighten up your day

Winter is slowly creeping up on us and grey threatening rain clouds covering blue skies and the warm summer sun. 

We start to gravitate toward the darker tones in our wardrobe. Many women go as far as opting for dark mani’s as well.

If all the darks are bringing you down, and you’re keen to brighten things up on these dull and dreary days then this new colourful mani trend will definitely do so!

The hottest manicure trend is rainbow nails. How do we know it’s hot? Model Kendall Jenner rocks them, which instantly puts the looks on the “HOT” list. 

KENDALNAILS - TREND: Rainbow nails to brighten up your day
Kendall Jenner’s rainbow nails. (Instagram)

If you can’t decide on just one bright colour, then you’ll love this look. Each nail is painted a different colour. A bright primary colour. Sticking to the colours of the rainbow of course.

This looks great as full nail coverage or painted just on the tips. Like a bright version of a french manicure. 

We loved the look Kendall Jenner posted on her Instagram Story showing her multicolour mani. The colours included red, orange, blue, green, and lemon yellow. She acknowledged the nail specialists at Hollywood’s Modern Pamper Salon for her rainbow look. 

Here a few more insta-worthy rainbow nails we’ve come across and loving right now. 

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