WATCH: GOOD leader #DeLille takes centre stage in ‘Call Me Aunty Pat’ documentary

Cape Town – Veteran politician and GOOD leader Patricia de Lille will be featuring in a documentary called "Call Me Aunty Pat" which will be screened ahead of the upcoming elections in May.

Cape Town journalist and independent documentary filmmaker Yazeed Kamaldien will be showing his work-in-progress documentary film at various screenings. The first screening is planned for the Labia cinema in central Cape Town on Sunday, 14 April, with further public screenings to follow.

Kamaldien said: “Showing my work-in-progress version of the film is a way to test the audience’s appetite. It is also a way that independent filmmakers build a community around their work to secure funding to finish the film.”

Kamaldien has spent the last few months following De Lille during her time as mayor of Cape Town and after he departure from the post and the Democratic Alliance (DA) and the subsequent formation of her new political party GOOD. Kamaldien is continuing to follow her on the election campaign trail ahead of the May 8 polls.

YazeedKamaldienwithPatriciadeLille2 - WATCH: GOOD leader #DeLille takes centre stage in 'Call Me Aunty Pat' documentary
Veteran politician Patricia de Lille will be featured in a documentary called "Call Me Aunty Pat" by independent documentary filmmaker Yazeed Kamaldien. Picture: Yazeed Kamaldien/Supplied

The final version of the film will show where De Lille and her Good party end up after the election and the release is provisionally scheduled for June.

Kamaldien said he was amazed to see how much energy the veteran politician had to keep pushing on, especially during tough times.

“She works long hours and has more energy than some of the young people around her. In telling her story, I’ve been able to ask her some difficult questions too, especially about her political choices,” said Kamaldien.

“I’ve also found that almost everybody has an opinion about Aunty Pat, as many people call her, or a story to tell about her.”

African News Agency (ANA)

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