Angry Pretoria West residents still waiting for dangerous, smelly hole to be fixed

Pretoria – The wait continues for Pretoria West residents who have been protesting for the City of Tshwane to close a hole it dug in November last year.

Frustrated flat residents and business operators accused the City of sending inexperienced workers to fix the complex underground drainage pipe network on Soutter Street.

They said the workers failed to fix it last year and that subsequently left them forced to live with the life-threatening hole which has made their lives unpleasant for six months.

The City was hoping to do some work on a pipeline installed in 1934 after it started causing frequent drain leaks across the street. 

However, with work being delayed residents started blocking the road with rocks after a man fell in the hole and was badly injured.

On Monday, Fundiswa Felani and Wendi Ngema told Pretoria News they had lost hope and did not know what to do next because they have tried protesting several times but the hole remained open.

Felani said: “We are tired of this hole because it is scary, it’s very deep and it traps water that smells very bad. 

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The hole in Pretoria West not only blocks a section of the road, but is a hazard to pedestrians as well. Picture: James Mahlokwane

"This is a health hazard and it worries us as women because we are raising children here. The hole just keeps getting bigger and bigger every time it rains.

“We used to protest by blocking the road with rocks and rubble from the hole in attempt to get the City’s attention but they sent tractors to remove all the rubble. This hole is very dangerous and unhealthy.”

Ngema said she lived on the top floor of the nearby Gerada flats and she could smell the dirty water from the hole as soon as she opened her windows. 

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